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Monday, January 20, 2014

French Beach Windy Day

Today thinking of warmer times at the beach.

French Beach.

 I will add my birding photos on at the end of the blog.

Going back in time to last summer.  Warm weather and blue sky.

I am doing French Beach today for Beaches and for the ABC's "B" weekly carnival. Thanks Roger, Denise and team.

I will just add some recent birds from my files.

Swans above out at Martindale fields.

Goldstream was pretty good this year with a lot of fish that had

Here the Dipper is standing on a fish and I tried to get a shot
of him below with a fish egg but it is blurry.

Goldstream also had a Pileated Woodpecker busy looking for food.

This year Goldstream had a lot of mature and young eagles feasting on the salmon spawn.

Also the Gulls were enjoying a lunch of salmon.

Out at Maber farms the field is flooded once again and there is a huge amount of ducks.  Yay! Hoping you all are having good weather and good birding! cheers.

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  1. I am looking forward to some warmer weather, it is going to be a cold week. Your beach photos are beautiful. And what a great collection of birds. Just a few of my favorites are the Pileated woodie and the Eagle. Have a happy week!

  2. Ir does look windy, but so beautiful!! Great capture/movie for the day! Have a wonderful week, Nora!

  3. Warmer times or colder times, that is a beautiful location. All of your photos are fantastic. That eagle sure has a fierce look on it's face.

  4. I thoroughly enjoyed the video and all the wonderful relaxing sounds of water lapping onto the sandy shore. :)

  5. The beach scenes look wonderfully warm on this cold day.

  6. Love French Beach and China Beach, have wonderful memories of walking along, checking out the driftwood, rocks and paddling in the ocean.

  7. How I'd love it to be summer again - thank you for the warm memories today!

  8. I loved the video. Been missing warmer climate and most of all the sun. Where is French Beach? Looks like a nice spot to visit.

  9. Lovely images of the beach. :)

  10. Sigh - fabulous shots of warmer days! Love those swans in that golden light too.

  11. The beach scenes are beautiful. There must be very big storms there for so many big tree trunks to be washed up at the tide line. As always - the eagle is really magnificent.

  12. I loved hearing those waves while looking at your wonderful photos.... Great cheery post Nora. I hope you are doing ok.... Hug... Michelle

  13. lovely ocean photos; all that great driftwood too. I loved the raptor/eagle!!

  14. Hi Nora, loved the video, really warming on a cold January day here.
    Lots of lovely scenic shots a well.

  15. That's a beautiful beach.

  16. Great beach shots! I like to visit the beach in cooler weather, I can't handle the heat. Love that Pileated woody!

  17. Wonderful shots from the beach. I love the old wood. The birds are all gorgeous.

  18. Love the Dipper! I wish we had them on the east coast.

  19. Delightful shots. Makes me want to go to the beach. Love the bird shots, especially the eagle.

  20. Nothing better than beaches and birds! The sound of the waves is almost hypnotic - I could fall asleep easily on that beach as long as it was warm (not hot). Love the driftwood and the child leaning on the branch.

    abcw team

  21. Did you say WARM? It's 8 degrees F here.

  22. Beautiful shots remind me of sweet summer I'm longing for now. Your top shots of my liking are your last beach shots (design wise) and the first bird pic after that. The latter has such rich colors! Have a great bird week:)

  23. Great set of pics, the beach shots where makeing my wish it was summer, and as always the bird shots where interesting, love the lighting on the swans.
    All the best Gordon.

  24. Beautiful birdphotos!
    Well done!

  25. A stunning nature, beautiful photos and a great place.

  26. I would so love to see a pileated woodpecker!!! Each time someone posts photos of this beautiful species, I'm so jealous!! Love the dipper too.

    And the warm sunny beach looks inviting.

  27. Beautiful birds as always Norah ... and fun to look back t the beach and warmer weather for you. The driftwood shots really caught my eye -- I always love those gnarly old pieces -- such an icon of the Pacific Coast for me.

  28. Your summer views are a welcome sight with the snow coming down here on Long Island again and I am sure there as well. I enjoyed your bird photos as well, especially the eagle... such majestic birds.

  29. Fantastic shots. The birds are amazing.

  30. Such lovely scenes and vistas! Love the birds!!

  31. Absolutely beautiful and refreshing.

  32. Hi Nora

    wonderful beach shots and I loved hearing the sea in the video. great bird shots. I see your dipper has no white chest like our dipper has. great shot of woodpecker I would love to see one of these.

  33. your french beach looks much like a beach we used to walk through the wood to in Maine. The beaches here are covered with snow today as we are in the midst of a large winter storm.

  34. Great scenes Nora. We are all dreaming of warmer days aren't we?

  35. The pics of the beach with fallen logs look so scenic. The birds captured on your lens are beautiful.

  36. Beautiful, - have spent holidays on the Island and enjoyed the beaches, but it's been a long time, so your photos bring back lots of lovely memories.

  37. Your photograph is very warming. We are freezing here.

  38. Another wonderful post, Nora! Your blog always leaves one with a warm feeling, no matter the outside temperature. Thank you for sharing your natural beauty!

    Wally in abnormally c-c-c-old Florida.

  39. I really enjoyed this post, Nora! Wonderful scenery, fantastic color, great bird life! Thank you for sharing it all with us!

    --Wally In Cold (for us!) Florida

    (Apologies if this is a double post.)

  40. Nora, i wanted to come back to thank you for the information you left in a comment on FullTime-Life, on my post about the eaglets. Your input was so welcome and I learned...thank you for taking the time to help. The smaller eaglet is still alive and has been eating.


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