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Tuesday, December 03, 2013

The Unknown Future

The future is unknown to me.  I am thinking of all the unknown things in life...the unexpected both good and bad. The future remains full of them.  There is fear of the unknown and also
excitement in the unknown.

I have had a lot of great unexpected, unforgettable and unbelievable moments in my life, mostly when I am inside the natural world.  As a child I was unaware of the nature around me and I still am unable to understand all of it.

Nature is so amazing to me. Most of the gifts nature has given to me when I am in the woods taking my photos and that is when I am in touch with my true self and something even greater. It is the time when time stops and I am out of my body and at one with all that is around me.

I love observing and learning little details about nature.  It is the ultimate experience when you are allowed to be so close to nature. To be so close to a baby eagle, a baby owl, baby woodpeckers, baby stilts, so that you feel in time to be accepted and part of their family life.

It is the times when a wild animal or bird will become familiar with your blind, clothing and camera so you both are relaxed and you know you are living in that moment and in the place you belong to be in.

I sometimes think of the National Geographic photographers and the rush they must have when they are so immersed in their subject in some far off land in some dangerous place. I am only in my back yard! But I took these photos and I stood that close to that bird or animal, sometimes for a very long time, perhaps the whole day to get the shot I want.

There are so few unconditional things in life.  Everything is conditional upon everything else.  Each little thing is dependent upon another.  If one part breaks then it affects all the rest.  It is hard to remain unbroken in a broken world.

I am just putting in whatever photos I find inspiring today from my archives.   We are at the letter "u" at the ABC Meme so I incorporated as many u words as I could undertake and as many photos also.  I will make them smaller and you can click on them to see them better.

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  1. Superb captures as always!! Hope all is going well for you -- the blog world does seem to be having some difficulties!!

  2. Oh so many wonders that you have captured Nora. Your thoughts about BEING IN nature echo mine. I was picking wild strawberries in the Austrian Alps. I was so absorbed that suddenly I felt I was the hillside nurturing the grass and berry bushes growing through me. An amazing moment in time where I was just part of the system . . .
    Be well my friend.

  3. Oh, wow, I'm in awe at these shots! The barred owl with the little bird is such a powerful image, nature doing what it does even though it may be painful to see. Very impressed with your eye and your patience in capturing these.

  4. Inspiring photographs, inspiring words, Nora! Thank you for sharing your world. You have shamed me into going out tomorrow and standing in the swamp all day until I get a decent image of something!

    Wally - Warm Winter Wonderland.

  5. You have the most amazing backyard! Your shots are stunning, as always.

  6. great captures; so much to see; thanks for sharing

  7. Wonderful words, Nora. I am much like you in tune with nature. I love all your beautiful birds and animals. Great shots, have a happy day!

  8. Your photos are unique! Thanks for sharing.
    Wil, ABCW Team

  9. you have UNUSUAL insights in viewing our part of the UNIVERSE!
    ROG, ABC Wednesday

  10. What a fabulous series Nora! I am happiest when I am close to nature.

  11. Lots of feeling behind your words which echo your world at the moment. You are a talented photographer and I always enjoy looking at your shots. To have so much wildlife on your doorstep must be such a joy in an otherwise difficult world. Take care.

  12. You must have the patience of Job, waiting for just the right shot. It seems to me that most people would rush on if what they want is not immediately at hand. Your photos reflect your patience and your love of nature. Always a treat to drop by,

    abcw team

  13. Awesome series of photos, Nora! Take care!

  14. Really nice series!

  15. What a wonderful collection of pictures!

  16. Your photos make me miss the northwest. The beautiful diversity of life there is truly awe-inspiring. I like how you look around and really see your world.

  17. Some fabulous images here! I especially love the heron with outstretched wings, the raven bringing food to the nest, the cedar waxwing with berries and seal looking up at the camera. What a visual feast! And I agree, it's hard to remain unbroken in a broken world - but experiences and images like this do help . Take care and all the best to you, Nora.

  18. These are just incredible - even a short stint spent at the computer and seeing this beauty can be a big boon. Hope you are doing well.

  19. Well said. You echo the sentiments of many of us.

    These images aren't too bad for some back yard birding...... awesome

  20. Thank you so much for your beautiful images and reflections. I too can just get lost just sitting still and letting all the wild creatures settle back to their baseline behaviors. Not very aerobic but good for the soul!

  21. marvelous shots of wildlife in their element! love all the raptors, especially fond of the barred owls. would love to see a bald eagle in the wild. :)

  22. Great shots of the birds.
    Love them.

  23. Some great pictures to go with your philiosophy about the natural world. I share your love of the world around us.

  24. Gorgeous captures...and your header is beautiful!

  25. You express what I too feel so well.... Michelle

  26. Wow some amazing photos. I find that I focus on nature when I have a camera in hand and being out there with it, breathing it, watching it, hearing it and capturing it helps me relax and feel part of it, often a very small part. Then later when I look back at photos I can remember those feelings that came with the picture.

  27. Great shots! I struggle to get birds of prey!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  28. what can I say, WOW. At your back yard? I´m envious, I only have great tits.

  29. Incredible collection Nora. The owls just take my breath away. And so do you words! Thank you.,

  30. Your photos are wonderful. I'm more than just a tad jealous.

    It's true that the future is unknown, isn't it?

  31. Nature is amazig, and you capture it perfect. Stunning pictures! Thank you so much for sharing :)

  32. Dearest Nora your photos are excellent. Wonderful way to live. Please keep doing it and sharing your perspective with us. It is home for me.

  33. I think you just about covered all the species! Your photos are so good! I curious to know what kind of telephoto lens you use for some of them. They are so crisp and clear!

    1. Hi Pat I have a Canon 100-400 lens I use but it is too heavy for me to carry now so using a small point and shoot most of the time. You can always sharpen any photo in editing and you always have to sharpen if you have resized from a large file into a small internet file size. cheers.


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