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Friday, September 21, 2012

Campbell River, B.C. Area

We have been travelling around Vancouver Island at remote places for the last few weeks so I have not had Internet. I have just been able to read a few blogs on the laptop when I was able to get online in some of the towns we passed through. Above is a shot of the sunset from our campsite on the first night.
Boat dock at Sayward, B.C. giving me some great reflection shots.

 I tried to do a quick blog but was discouraged when the Internet was really slow in the small town I was in.  I collected a lot of photos and video as we went up and down the island and can use them on the blog later when winter sets in.
Quadra Island: totem outside of the Nuyumbalees Center at Cape Mudge Village near Quathiaski Cove. This is an incredible place to go and I will do more on it later on.

Sorry I have been missing from commenting on each of your blogs, I usually comment on each of my readers blogs and will be back to normal as soon as our travel time comes to an end. I have had a bit of time to check in on a few bloggers and will read back on the blogs I missed out on. I feel that I am really lost without my blogging and my blogging friends.
Cape Mudge Lighthouse on Quadra Island
These are some of the shots I gathered on our trips.
Whales off of Quadra Island put on a great show for us. 
Campbell river Dock reflections for Weekend Reflections.
Quinsam River Fish Hatchery
These are mostly pink salmon as they had a huge run of pinks. I had the most wonderful time at the hatchery because I met a bear! Yup I finally got a bear video to show you later when I upload it. Up close too.

Campbell River docks.  As you can see the weather was great and it was very hot for this time of year, so it was a good time to camp out.

I may not enter all these memes but this is the only way I can still join and not spend too much time on the computer for my eyes. Thanks so much to the meme hosts who put on each of the following amazing memes for bloggers to join in and share their work.

The memes for this weekend are:
Sky Watch Friday
Fabulous Friday
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Best Post of the Week
Scenic Sunday
Straight Out of the Camera
Weekly Top Shot


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Video Section:

Pretty good video of Fishing Coho at Pedder Bay B.C. Check out my videos on YouTube.  I really like to share my video work with you as well.


  1. Beautiful photos. Happy sky watching.


  2. Love the water and I love the scenes you captured!

    The sight of fish and whales gliding through water by the moored sail boat is superb.

  3. Awesomes serie of pictures ! You caught beautiful reflections in that harbour.

  4. wonderful reflections! and i love the first pic :)

  5. Glad you have been having a great trip 'round the island. I am looking forward to more of your great shots! Welcome back!

  6. What a wonderful trip and pictures. Really worth sharing!

  7. Beautiful scenery and what a great trip. I would love to see the whales. Gorgeous photos, thanks for sharing. Happy Skywatching!

  8. What a fabulous series of photos...thanks for taking us along.

  9. Did you have ice cream on the Campbell River pier?

  10. What gorgeous scenery and shots!

  11. Okay...too many favorites here ;)....loved the colorful reflection of the boats...but the whale....wow!

  12. Beautiful water and such lovely captures! I love the colorful totem pole and the boats! Thanks for sharing the beauty and the fun!! Enjoy your weekend!!

  13. nice selection of pics!

  14. WOW, did you get some beautiful weather or what?? There is nothing like the Pacific NW for beauty when the sun is out, I love all the boats and their reflections, they're beautiful... and the totem pole, is marvelous! Thank you for taking the time to share on Weekly Top Shot #49!

  15. Some beautiful shots here! I especially love your still water reflections and, of course, the whales. We live just across the Strait from Vancouver Island. I hope to get out to explore the island one of these days. (Visiting from Weekly Top Shot.)

  16. I really enjoy your photos, such spectacular sights! The whales near the sailboat are incredible! I hope you enjoy the remainder of your trip; it sounds like a blast!

  17. What beautiful, beautiful shots! I have so much to learn!

  18. Living on the water for some time sounds great! Welcome back to blogland and tell us about all of your adventures:)

  19. Awesome photos. I love the colorful totem pole and the water reflections.

    I wouldn't worry about not being able to comment on every readers blog. You are on vacation, enjoy it. There will be plenty of time for blogging and sharing your travels with us later.

  20. A great series - my favourites are the smaller boat ones at the bottom and those amazing water reflections. Also that fantastic totem (which would be great for Mandarin Orange Monday:) )

  21. magnifiques photos,bravo pour la video !

  22. Thanks for the fishing video. I love fishing... although I haven't had much of a chance to do it in years. Had hoped when we retired that DH and I could take a 'fly fishing' course. But that hasn't happened yet. I'm guessing that catching wild salmon is against the law?

  23. Such vibrant colours and life in your shots - looks like you've had a great few weeks travelling around.


  24. Amazing photos and wonderful scenery...Hoping to see more photos!


  25. Amazing photos! and nice scenery...Hope to see more photos from you!


  26. Nice shots! I love the sight of the fish and the boats...

  27. Looks like a beautiful trip!

  28. Thank you so much for your support and comments even though I was away, and I could not get to your blog to reply...thank you for sticking with me.


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